5 Huge Benefits of Using Scent in Your Business

Scent Marketing consists of diffusing a scent in any type of business to improve customers’ experience. As smell is more effective than all the other senses we employ, especially as it is directly linked to our memory, it is very important to find the perfect scent to complement your business. Once this is done, the benefits that you will experiment will hugely increase your business.

  1. Scents can help boost sales 

    Scent can trigger instant emotional reactions from customers. Scent marketing can thus be very effective in boosting sales. A study done by Nike discovered that they could increase the intent to purchase by 80% through the introduction of scent into their stores. Another survey at a petrol station with a mini-mart reported that the aroma of coffee helped boost sales of the beverage by a whopping 300%. 

  2. Scents make customers linger

    Scents can also help customers linger in a store and look around more. Eric Spangenberg found subjects were more likely to look around and browse through products in the rooms that were scented, and reported more positive opinions and a tendency to wait longer in lines in the fake store than its unscented counterpart.

  3. Scents help create brand image 

    Scents are helpful in making people remember you, or to create associations in their minds. Country Road use a beautiful Fig-based scent in all of its stores. The scent you use will obviously go with the image you want for your brand, whether it is luxury, comfort, quaint and old-fashioned or modern and contemporary.

  4. Scents create a perception of quality 

    In general scents can also help create a perception of quality. Customers tend to perceive a scented product or space as being of better quality and will be willing to pay more when shopping in a scented store, as discovered by a study done by the Smell & Taste Research Foundation. Many of the subjects in the study reported that they were willing to pay 10$ more for Nike sneakers placed in scented rooms, than those placed in an unscented one.

  5. Scents increase customer loyalty

    Combined with positive experiences, scents can build Brand loyalty because they can create longer-lasting memories than the other senses. A Signature Brand Scent can build a deep emotional connection with the consumer that is remembered for a long time.

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