Floral Scents = Heightened Mood = Increased Spending

You know the cliche about stopping to smell the roses.

Hopefully you actually do it whenever you can, because roses smell great. Bathing in a space that's full of calming lavender is even better. The scent of lilies has been shown to drive people to smile and cry at the same time.

According to the hypnosis experts at Mindset Mastery, scents can tap into our subconscious. They note, “florals have smells that are fresh and enticing. Most people mentally associate them with goodness and growth of spring after winter and therefore subconscious have an elevated mood. A heightened mood often leads to more spending.”

When consumers smell fresh flowers in your establishment, you'll bring those feelings swelling up in them.

Nike experimented with store scents and discovered an increase in customer purchase intent by 80%. They were also willing to spend 10-15% more for the same product.

So, if you're a shoe store, jewelry business, bridal outfit, or anything dealing in high-end merchandise or services, lean towards floral scents.

 Floral Scents = Heightened Mood = Increased Spending