Hotel Scent Marketing – using scent to improve guest experience and increase repeat business.

Scent is the sense most closely tied to memory and hotels which use scent or aroma are more likely to create strong emotional connections with their customers. Scented hotels may even offer scented brand extensions to their customers to help create memory links.

Hotel Scenting

Hotel scenting is the most effective and efficient hotel marketing strategy available as good business people know that their existing customers are there most valuable ones. The benefits of hotel scenting are derived from the effect of scent on mood.  Hotel scenting takes advantage of the fact that:

  1. Scented for hotels can increase memory of that hotel.

  2. Scented hotels are perceived as higher quality

  3. Scented hotels may be able to charge higher room rates

  4. Consumers spend more time and money in a scented environment

Hotel Scent Marketing strategies

Hotel scenting is normally achieved by the diffusion of fine fragrances of essential and aroma oils into the lobby and other common areas. High volume and sophisticated scent diffusers coupled to the hotels air handling system can ensure that any sized space in your hotel can be easily and affordable scented.

Scented hotel lobbies ensure that the first thing that guests notice and the last thing they notice when they leave is the wonderful scent of the hotel. The “primacy” and the “recency” affect are well known psychological phenomenon’s which basically state the first and last impressions are the most important ones and everything that happens in-between is less so. Therefore by scenting your hotel lobby you are maximising the opportunity to create great first and last impressions.

Hotel scenting is the most important and easiest way to help build strong memory links to guests and increase repeat business.


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