Nivea Experiments Scent

Marketing Managers and Advertisers already know how important visual is to create a brand identity. Sharing a particular logo or creating a specific colour code for your brand helps it being more memorable from your customers.

You want your brand to be in your prospective customers head so when they need a product that you sell they think of you and not your concurrent.


Nivea Experiments with Scent

But how to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Nivea brilliantly succeeded in making itself memorable by using scent in one of its campaign. The campaign was lunch through a video called: 'The scent film'. Everybody is familiar with the Nivea Sun fragrance. During the advertising in the cinema you see a beach and you hear the sea, but little else happens. And then, suddenly, you smell Nivea Sun. As a result 37% of moviegoers recall the advertising Nivea Sun spontaneously. This is 5 times more than a regular advertising of Nivea.

This is due to the power of scent as our sense of smell is directly connected to our emotions and memory.