Powerful Marketing Tips For Gyms

New Year is a very good time of the year for gyms and particularly in Australia because its summer time. ‘Exercise more’ is one of the old-time favourite resolution that everyone tries to commit to at this time of the year along with ‘Drink less’ and ‘Party less’. And as we all know we finally do the exact opposite!

Powerful Marketing Tips For Gyms


So as a gym owner/manager it is very important to take advantage of this moment of the year and make sure that you will attract long lasting members and retain them. Competition is increasing with many franchises or chains like Goodlife, Anytime Fitness, Jetts, Snap Fitness and it is important to create the most pleasant experience for your members whilst paying attention to costs. Here is how.

Give members a reason to stay

Free trials are great tools to attract members in your gym. However the trial has to be successful for people to actually sign up. This is all about the experience. The first and last minutes are crucial, senses should be pleased: sight, sound and especially scent. Indeed, scent is closer to emotions and memories than any other senses so scent can create long-lasting memories as they trigger greater activity in the limbic system. Stimulating the sense of smell can stir up an emotional response that will strengthen the bond of brand loyalty.

Get rid of bad odours

It may seem like an evidence but still many of the gyms smell like old socks and sweat. This is simply unpleasant for anyone trying to exercise comfortably and will turn people down. Make a difference and allow your members to enjoy their time spent at your place by diffusing a pleasant aroma in the gym.

Improve their workout

Workout can be improved with the use of certain fragrance. Fragrances stimulate the trigeminal nerve, which in turn wakes up the reticular activating system, which contributes to feelings of alertness. “The idea is that just breathing in the air at your gym could help you work out harder and more effectively," says Dr. Alan Hirsch. Members can then achieve a better workout, feel great about themselves and so are willing to come back to the same gym.

Diffuse the right aroma

Dr. Alan Hirsch says that diffusing the right scent in the right context is very important. Not any scent is good for exercising, some can even be counterproductive. A beach scent could be distracting or a wood scent would not be aiming to the right target market. Studies show that athletic performance can be enhanced by peppermint, eucalyptus or citrus scents. Peppermint is proven to reduce perceived effort, while improving mood and brainpower.

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