Property Differentiation in the Property Industry

Are you someone in the property business? If yes, then you already know how important it is to differentiate your properties from other businesses in the area.

Without anything to make your property stand out from the others, the clients will see no incentive to deal with you.

To overcome this problem, people in the property business spend tons of money. But attracting new clients or buyers to your property doesn’t always have to be an expensive feat. 

You don’t always need new furniture, flooring, or other aesthetic decorations to create a difference. With Scent Australia, you can grow a fortune without paying a fortune. Let’s go down and see how!

Creating a Difference through Scent Marketing

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that sensory perceptions play an important role in the property business.

The way your clients or potential buyers perceive your property will matter a lot when they’ll finally make a decision whether to do business with you or not. That’s the reason why great properties try to please as many senses as possible. 

But it’s not always about the views or the interior decor. It’s about the vibe of the place as well. And that’s where you can create a unique identity for your properties with the help of scent marketing.

Scent marketing is a way to communicate with your customers and build a brand with the help of the right scents. Many giant property businesses like Dexus and Vicinity and using this phenomenon to grow their businesses. And why shouldn’t they? Considering there are so many benefits of scent marketing, such as:

  • Increased sales
  • Memorable experience
  • Property differentiation
  • Pleasurable atmosphere
  • Ease in decision making

How to Leverage Scent Marketing?

When someone comes to visit your property, there’s usually nothing much to differentiate it from something that’s available next door. But how the person feels when they enter your property can be the game changer for your business.

If someone feels calm, relaxed, and uplifted in the premise of your property, then they’d definitely be more inclined towards doing business with you. Won’t they?

Out of all the 5 senses that we have, the sense of smell works completely differently than the rest of all. 

Whatever we inhale through the nose directly hits the centres of the brain that deal with emotions and memories. To put it simply, scents have the power to induce all sorts of emotions and happy memories. 

So if your property smells old and raggedy, there’s a chance that your potential client won’t like it much. But if the air at your property smells nice and fresh, your potential clients will perceive it as high value.

If your place smells awesome, they’ll associate positive emotions and memories with it. And that’s the first step to making sales and growing your property business. 

With Scent Australia, you get the right scenting solutions for your property business. We offer various scenting diffusers for businesses with various needs. However, most of our clients in the property business use the Electric room scent diffuser, also known as the commercial diffuser.

About the Commercial Diffuser

Scenting your properties with our commercial diffuser can be the best decision that you make. Here are some reasons why:

  • It works with the advanced submicron scent diffusion technology

Our commercial diffuser is truly one of the most effective scent diffusers available in the market. It works with advanced submicron scent diffusion technology, which means that the machine consumes minimal amounts of scents to keep the place smelling fresh.

Plus, it leaves no residue.

  • It works quietly 

After all, your property is your workspace. It’d make no sense to make the place smell pleasant but to push away your clients because of annoying machine sounds. That’s why you choose our commercial diffuser. It works so silently; even you’d forget that it’s there.

  • Covers a vast area

Our machines can easily scent areas of up to 900m3. That means that you’ll just need one diffuser to cover up a large area.

  • You have the flexibility to pay

We are here for the long game. That’s why we never force our customers to pay in one go. You can either have a flexible payment plan for your machine, or you can have it for rental periods of 1, 2, or 3 years.

Choose Scent Australia for Your Scent Marketing Needs

We have helped several businesses across Australia grow with the power of scent marketing. We can do the same for you as well. 

If you want to implement scent marketing for your brand but are a little confused, then come to us. We don’t just sell scenting products but also offer scent marketing consultation services to our clients. 

We’ll understand your business and branding needs and then suggest scenting solutions that can reap maximum benefits for your business!

Final Words – Scent Australia Is Your Perfect Scenting Partner

Growing the property business these days is becoming a tricky task. Property owners and caretakers are spending boatloads of money to make their properties different. 

And that can get your results too. But compared to those expenses, scent marketing is a cheaper option that has great powers to help take your business to new heights. Want to experiment with that? Contact us right away!