Scent Australia creates the new Signature Scent of MJ Bale

Scent Australia creates the new Signature Scent of MJ Bale

Scent marketing company Scent Australia has created a sophisticated masculine aroma for MJ Bale selected stores.

Developed exclusively for the premium menswear brand, the scent starts its woody-spicy composition with fruity notes of lemon and green pineapple. Middle notes of lavender are fresh and aquatic, while a base is intensive and made of wood and amber to create this classic elegant fragrance.

This Scent Australia fragrance matches MJ Bale’s values of quality. Indeed, the MJ Bale’s philosophy revolves around quality of both products and in-store experience. Diffusing a scent definitely improves the customers’ experience who are welcomed by this sublime scent.

The sense of smell is known to be our most powerful sense as it is linked to long-term memory and it enhances the perception of places and experiences. Customers will long remember a pleasant experience and will return in a store where they felt welcomed.

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