Scent Australia on how to spend your 'Me' time

Whether you’re a career-focused 20-something single, a stay-at-home mum or a teen in high school, absolutely everybody needs some down time to themselves! With deadlines, family obligations, school work and everything in between it can be incredibly hard to make time for yourself. Even when you do get a few moments to yourself, it can be hard to think of what to do to wind down and relax. Here are a few ideas on how you can spend your specially carved out ‘me’ time with our Marketing Manager Aurore Blake!


Scent Australia on how to spend your 'Me' time


Spend Time On Your Health & Wellbeing

It’s a great idea to spend your relaxation time investing in yourself. Whether this means meal prepping, exercising or meditating, activities that contribute positively to your health and wellbeing are definitely worth your while!

Aurore Blake shares what she does when she has time to herself:

“I usually go to the gym everyday after work. It can be quite exhausting so I try to prepare my food as much as I can during weekends to avoid long hours of cooking. When I come back I turn on my scent diffuser with a calming and relaxing scent such as sandalwood or bergamot and I read for 30-40 mins. This really relaxes me and I can then eat and prepare myself for bed time.”

A combination of activities that are great for your physical health, such as attending the gym and paying attention to your diet, as well as quieting your mind and reading, is the perfect way to feel renewed after your relaxation time. Check out Aurore’s website, Scent Australia!

Use Your Time To Switch Off From Work

So many of us take our work into our personal lives, and sometimes you just need to completely let go and ease your mind. Lady Vee shares how she does just that:

“As I’m self-employed working from home - I’ve had to develop techniques that help me switch off and stop working as relaxation is vital to be productive. My “me” time can be anywhere from 15 minutes to a full day so I have a diverse range of activities:

 Sit out in the sun in my backyard with my dog and cat to be present and breathe (it’s like meditation without meditation) 

Going to the local off leash dog beach with my dog, with a friend or by myself. 

Watching my favourite tv shows 

Dancing (no particular form or type - more about movement of my body and just being in my body)

Enjoying a bath

Hanging out with a friend (just “being” with them not necessarily doing anything specifically)”  

So there you have it - a great range of activities, regardless of whether you have a whole day off or just half an hour.

Indulge In Some Online Shopping

Shopping is just so much fun, and an awesome way to unwind! This is especially true when you take out the stress of having to get in your car, drive somewhere and then walk around in possibly less-than-comfortable shoes! That’s why shopping online is just so great - go technology! 

If you have some free time on your hands and don’t feel like resting or being completely chilled out, you can even be a twinge productive and get your grocery shopping for the week done online - both fun to do and one thing ticked off your list. Nowadays, you can pretty much find anything you need from online stores and retailers. Scent Australia offers its own home range online.

With all these great ideas for spending your time off, it’s important to remember to actually take some! Be inspired by our awesome contributors and make sure you’re getting some time to yourself so you feel relaxed, rested and rejuvenated. For more ideas check the orignial blog post on Mydeal.