Scent Marketing Journey

Please contact us to find out where you can smell this wonderful story - we are happy to share it but don't want to announce it to the world. We have recently completed our largest project by scenting an entire major Australian shopping centre with a range of six different fragrances which match the different tenants.

  1. Food retailers - we waft the scent of freshly baked cookies and fresh patisserie from various points in the food area - the result - improved food sales.
  2. Ladies fashion area - youth - we are diffusing the scent of a famous perfume (Mademoiselle) into the air with great results.
  3. General area - we diffuse light hints of vanilla - a well known favourite which relaxes people, lifts their mood and makes them feel good!
  4. Hair, beauty and relaxation area - we diffuse the pleasing aroma of Green Tea and Mandarin - this is a truly astounding scent and many of the retailers are very happy to have it.
  5. Front entrance - be greeted by the scents of fresh fig tree - bringing us back to the happy childhood memories of being outdoors.

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