Scented Point of Sales for Retail Increases Sales

Scented Point of Sales Materials by Marketing Retailers in retail environments is shown to have incredible attention grabbing and sales increasing effects. Therefore the ROI from Scented POSM devices is proven to be enormous.

Retailers spend millions of dollars on television, radio and print ads to drive customers into the stores to buy their products. But did you know that up to 80% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale?

Major brands are starting to pick up on this reality and realign their marketing accordingly. A recent study showed that some brands are spending more money on point of sale, or shopper marketing, than on digital marketing. In fact, there is a whole new specialty called shopper marketing, which asserts that companies should focus first on what goes on inside the store and then work backwards from there. Large ad agencies are getting in the game as well.

Scented POSM impact

A study performed in Germany at Kaufhof (largest department store in Germany) found:

  1. 69% of those surveyed made a spontaneous decision to purchase one of the featured perfumes after using the scented POSM terminal.
  2. 62.6% of those who bought perfumes and used the scented POSM terminal, decided to purchase one of the fragrances advertised in the terminal spots.
  3. In the control group without access to scent only 10.2% made the same purchases.
  4. Scented POP terminals had a positive effect on the department store’s image as it was seen by 87.2% of the users as customer oriented, innovative, creative and modern.

Scented POP sales increases observed

  1. Pesto sauce – the scented display recorded a whopping 700% increase in sales over the unscented display.
  2. Chocolate - chocolate sales increased by over 300%.
  3. Bakery – A bakery scent was added to the bakery section of a supermarket and sales increased 300% as a result.

POSM scent application devices

Scent Australia offers a range of POSM scenting devices ranging from very economical to very sophisticated. Regardless of the price of the technology the scent quality is superb as Scent Australia always insist on exact and authentic scent reproduction. POSM technology comes in various forms:

  1. Ambient and constant scent diffusers at POP
  2. Push button scent diffusers (scent on customer demand) at POP
  3. Motion detection scented POSM to grab passing customers by the nose

Scented Printing and packaging

An alternative to adding scent to POSM is to add scent directly to the product packaging or to other printed materials. Scented adverts and proven to be read at a 20% higher rate than unscented ones and arguably the impact of readership is higher as well. (ie the effectiveness is far more than 20%).

Implication of Scented POSM.

What does all this mean for retailers and marketing companies? A lot! Both ambient scenting and scented packaging are highly effective point-of-sale strategies. Work on getting new business by targeting customers through the nose!

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