Smells that Sell in Real Estate

Are you looking for scents to make your property more favourable?

We understand that as a real estate consultant or agent, your line of work is quite competitive. That’s why Scent Australia wants to help you to attract buyers, pick up new leads, and sell your listed property for the best price. 

The perfect scent can help buyers offer you the right price. 

Why Scents in Real Estate Matter More than You Might Realise

Viewings are an essential part of the real estate process for sellers. Viewings and scents come hand in hand when applying impressions. 

Setting up the home in aesthetic and pleasing ways, using trending and inviting colours that viewers can appreciate, and scenting the home with nose pleasing aromas are all a part of the important process of staging a house. 

So, how do scents make or break the sale of a property?

Studies journaled in Science Direct show that simple and subtle aromas are more likely to impress viewers over stronger scents that overpower the senses enough to make a potential buyer begin to lose focus on the visual of the home. 

Likewise, unpleasant odours such as pet, cigarette, and lingering mould odours will see your potential buyers walk away without the keys and without a second glance. 

The Scents that Sell Properties

All our noses and neural receptors are different, and that means our brains do not react the same way to scents as others. An aroma that one of us might love, such as an essential orange oil, could smell sour and bitter to the person standing beside you. 

A study conducted in the UK by Bankrate Real Estate has shown that, out of the 2000 people involved in the study, it might be more valuable to fragrance your property based on the main age group of the potential buyers, or to stick to traditional and timeless scents rather than trying something new and fancy. 

Fragrances that Appeal to Home Buyers 

So, here are some of the best scents to use in real estate to promote higher interest and increased sales of your listed properties. 


As well as relieving stress and anxiety, vanilla essence is a common ingredient in baking sweet treats such as cookies and cakes. 

Vanilla is often thought of as a warm and welcoming scent due to its properties in baking which warms a kitchen, our tummies, and leaves the lasting impression of something good in the world. 


According to Psychology Today, studies show that the smell of cinnamon is closely and subconsciously correlated with feelings of warmth. Who doesn’t like to feel warm?

Cinnamon also has antibacterial properties that promote health and protect against the flu. 

Cinnamon is also one of the many pleasant smells of Christmastime. Christmas is a time of joy, festivities, and spending precious time with family for many people so is an enticing smell to use in any room of the house. 


Scientific research has proven that coffee contains molecules for numerous appealing scents. Think spicy, fruity, floral, and sweet all in one tiny little coffee bean. Coffee lovers might call it magic.

The smell of coffee enhances cognitive function, alertness, concentration, and can improve your overall mood. You don’t even have to drink coffee to feel its benefits, just enjoy the aromatic coffee fragrance and breathe in the benefits. 

Fresh Linen

Would you agree that sleeping in freshly washed bed sheets is one of the most delightful experiences for a good night’s sleep? 7 out of 10 people would agree with you if you answered yes. 

The smell of fresh linen promotes a sense of cleanliness and good hygiene. Fresh linen scents eliminate bad odours while also supporting the feeling of a warm and peaceful summer’s day hanging freshly washed clothes in the garden. Pure bliss.  


Pine is another Christmas scent that when used subtly, provides a simple yet effective and natural feeling of calm. 

Pine as an essential oil is known for elevating moods because of its connection to nature. Being in nature exposes people to positive energy which reduces anxiety, stress, blood pressure, and muscle tension. Pine, as a fragrance, might be beneficial for mental health and emotional well-being. 

Trust Your Nose

Selling a home isn’t always easy, but neither is buying a home.

While essential oils are essential, it’s also essential that your buyers do not feel stressed when viewing a property. 

Get in touch with the experienced team at Scent Australia to help you with the right fragrance techniques to benefit your sales and your leads. We have diffusers, room sprays, odour neutralising fragrances, candles and more to help serve your real estate properties feng shui. 

To put your potential buyers and viewers in a state of calm and warmth the second they walk through the door of their prospective new home, use a subtle approach to your scenting with simple aromas that promote positive energy, and perhaps it’ll be just enough to put up that “sold” sign.