Soothing Vanilla Blends Increase Dwell Time

This almost gets back into the realm of food.

Vanilla scents are thought of as soothing aromas in nearly every culture around the world.

This can boost the dwelling time of consumers, but it can also minimise stress levels, which is useful nearly everywhere, but particularly in places like:

  • Banks
  • Casinos
  • Dental offices
  • Office foyers and more

Candles that sport warm mixtures of vanilla with other flavors do well. They can remind people of being at home, where it's warm and comfortable. Even in starker environments.

Vanilla blends also work out well in eating establishments. Since vanilla tends to work in conjunction with nearly any kind of food scent on the planet. It just makes anything coming from your kitchen all the better.

If you really want to go for it, come up with the ultimate spender scent. That would be a combination of a food scent with vanilla.

Even the stingiest of consumers will find that nearly irresistible.

Imagine a customer smelling a space like vanilla and caramel. Perhaps a vanilla slice is on their mind for their next purchase.

Know Your Scent Goals

Be strategic with your scenting.

It's tempting to scent with particular fragrances that pique your own interest or just seem wonderful to you.

However, you have to keep things in mind from the point of view of your customers.

Put some time and thought into thinking about who you and your business are as a brand.

Consider the emotions that you'd like to evoke with scents, and then try out these three spender scents to fill the air of your business.

What are your specific goals in scenting? Chat to the team at Scent Marketing Australia to find out how you can make scent marketing work for you!

Soothing Vanilla Blends Increase Dwell Time