The golden ticket to a better customer service

Dr. Val Clulow, at Melbourne's Swinburne University of Technology, found that customers perceive the quality of the merchandise to be higher in stores that use targeted aromas than in comparable stores that do not. They also perceived customer service to be better, and were more likely to buy.

The golden ticket to a better customer service


Crucial Branding Tools

Scents can not only have a major impact on customer attitude, they can be used as crucial branding tools. Both Sony and Samsung make intentional use of aroma as brand component in their electronics stores; Rolls-Royce sprays the interiors of its new cars with a fragrance that smells like a vintage Rolls; Westin Hotels pipe a white tea scent into their lounges, to create a consistent feel from one city to another.

Merchandise, service and store quality

In a retail store the use of fragrance lifts perceptions of: Merchandise, service and store quality

The use of fragrance can also lead to:

• Increase impulse purchases

• Customers and staff feeling happier and more at ease

• Longer browse times

• A point of difference for the retailer’s brand

All size of stores can use diffusers, small stores can use a diffuser close to the entrance to give a first and last impression to their customers. Scent Australia diffusers are quiet and will scent a small store in a subtle and gently way so that the scent becomes part of the experience. Bigger stores can link a diffuser to their air conditioning system to give a homogenous effect in the whole store.