The Magic of Scent - Create a Signature Smell

A recent article in the Beauty New Zealand online publication reported that for the majority of businesses, communication with their customer is by audio or visual means only; smell and touch don’t apply. In the spa industry, we have the benefit of access to all five of the senses, including our clients’ sense of smell. If you consider that the average adult takes 900 breaths during a one-hour facial or massage, that’s an awful lot of opportunities to engage them through positive scent association.

Creating a signature smell is effectively adding a scent logo to your spa, which brings back (hopefully positive) memories of how your clients felt when they were there. Smells have no meaning prior to being associated with an experience, but after that they are indelibly linked and will always bring the associated emotion to mind.

Let scent Australia scent your business with our professional scent diffusers. Our scent marketing strategy is the only one with a results focused ROI approach.  We can help you to evaluate the results from your ambient scenting campaign with specially designed customer surveys as well as analysis tools Furthermore we can create a merchandise range such as bespoke scented candles which feature your scent which can easily create another high margin revenue source.

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