The scent of Putin

A perfume, whose creator says was inspired by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has gone on sale in Moscow.

It's called "Leaders Number One". The perfume, created by the Belarussian-born perfumer Vladislav Rekunov, was inspired by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr Rekunov says it's a 'warm' and 'well-rounded' scent with hints of lemon, blackcurrant and fir cones. About 2000 bottles have been produced for sale in a luxury department store in Russia. But on the streets of Moscow, the fragrance has had mixed reviews."To be honest it smells like cheap perfume," said one man.But a Vladimir Lenin impersonator disagrees."What a scent! I recommend it to everyone!" said 'Lenin'.Perfumer, Mr Rekunov, says he hopes one day to present the real President Putin, with his own bottle of "Leaders Number One".