Watches of Switzerland

Branding and awareness – A Scent for An Extraordinary Journey

If you want to know how to improve brand image within your organisation, take a page out of Watches of Switzerland’s brand development book. 

Building a brand like Watches of Switzerland takes in-depth research, focus and thinking outside of the box by implementing thoughtful practices that generate the ideal brand positioning. Not just to be positioned in the light of awareness, but to be seen as a leading and reputable luxurious brand is an extraordinary talent to be followed by example.

A Collaborative Team Journey To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Creating brand awareness in positive and impactful ways is no easy feat. As a brand, Watches of Switzerland take customer satisfaction seriously. As a brand that cares about continuously improving customer satisfaction and its customer journey, Watches of Switzerland implements deeper and more meaningful marketing strategies into its business practices. 

One such business practice is an aligned collaboration with Scent Australia which has a strong focus on taking customer experience and satisfaction through a whole new expressive journey.  

A profound part of building a brand strategy that sees an improvement in brand recall and brand loyalty is collaborating with other impactful businesses that have the desire to strengthen your brand image. 

A Scent To Conquer Goals

With a respectable line-up of brand recognition examples, Watches of Switzerland approached Scent Australia with their customer-focused intentions in mind. From a goal-led relationship between Scent Australia and Watches of Switzerland, the scent of Mahogany Wood was born. 

Where the bitter scent of artemisia brings balance to the citrus of bergamot and the aromatic sweetness of cardamom. Infused with the scent of mahogany wood and well-rounded with a smooth vanilla fragrance, this invigorating scent is finished off with a spicy tonka bean fragrance blended with the warmth of amber.

Now, customers entering the ambience-improved boutique Watches of Switzerland stores throughout Australia are lingering in stores for longer and retail sales have increased. 

Do you want to know how to create brand awareness with something as simple as a scent?

How Scent Australia’s Scent Marketing Helps You

Scent marketing can help a business to define its brand identity by incorporating a memorable and unique scent in physical stores. Where boutique businesses like Watches of Switzerland have used scent marketing techniques, customer satisfaction and loyalty have been piqued along with retail sales and store dwell time. 

Brand building and positioning come from a long and hardworking line of strategic marketing regimes like advertising, promotional products and other methods to encourage consumers to perceive your brand appealingly. Imagine if you could do this with a scent. One of the most useful and important senses humans have. 

By creating a welcoming and positive atmosphere with aromas like Mahogany Wood Oil, building brand awareness is as easy as taking a stroll through a park. 

Scent marketing targets a consumer’s sense of smell. Scents have the power to change our moods, remind us of distant memories and even increase a customer’s willingness to linger in stores and buy more products.

When All’s Said and Scented

When Watches of Switzerland came to Scent Australia with their consumer-focused goals to improve customer satisfaction, enhance brand image and build the brand they promised to be for their clients, Scent Australia knew they needed a unique luxury range oil like no other. 

Mahogany Wood Oil by Scent Australia is an invigorating oil that can increase positive moods by reducing stress and irritability. Its richness is a warm luxury that’s intoxicating to the consumer. 

Build a strong brand image with a unique scent specifically designed for your store and your business goals. Where Watches of Switzerland now has an aromatic and recognisable scent that helps to define the opulence of their brand, you can too. 

Contact Scent Australia today for a consultation with the team. When all’s said and done, you feel proud to spread your distinctive scent throughout your brick-and-mortar stores in Australia.