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Scent Club & Casino Scents

Improve guests mood and create a feeling of luxury with scent.

Scent for Clubs and Casinos


Having a luxury scent diffused in your Casino, RSL, club or gaming area has many advantages.

Scent helps to improve guests mood so that they are more receptive to music and have more fun. Scented environment encourages guests to stay for longer and spend more money. It increases dancing activity in the clubs which can lead to beverage sales.

Scrent creates a feeling of luxury and helps to build a stronger emotional association between guest and brand.

Scenting benefits in night clubs, gaming rooms and casinos


Increased spending of time and money

Casinos scents are proven to result in guests spending more time and money.


Improved guests mood

Scent improves guests mood so that they are more receptive to music and have more fun.


Emotional connection

As 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell, scent can help to build a stronger emotional association with the brand.


Increased sales

Consumers are more eager to buy and willing to pay more in a scented environment.


Memorable experiences

Consumers remember scented experiences far more than unscented ones.


Perception of quality

Consumers evaluate scented products &/or experiences as being of higher quality.

Research on scents usage in night clubs, gaming rooms and casinos


Casino scent or gaming area scent research

US studies made in casinos showed that there was an increase by 48% of gambling revenue with the introduction of certain aromas or casino scents. Guests feel more comfortable because of the scent, they spend more time in a casino and thus spend more money. A luxury scent displayed in a casino is a sure way to let your guests be relaxed and have fun while time flies.


Nighclubbing in Europe research

Researchers in the Netherlands decided to test how people would respond to ambient scenting in nightclubs. They infused pleasant scents into separate dance clubs and compared results to the same clubs in an unscented condition. About 850 young club goers were given short questionnaires asking them to rate the quality of the evening, the music, the club and their feelings.

Consistently, those in the scented club environment reported that the music was better, the club was more fun, and their mood was more cheerful than in the unscented clubs. Scent also increased the dancing activity in the clubs.

The scientists concluded that ambient scenting is something that nightclub owners can use to differentiate themselves from competitors, increase visitor return rate and boost revenue. Club scents should correlate with the lights and music, so that high arousal music is paired with a stimulating scent.

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