Success Story - Anytime Fitness NSW

At Scent Australia, we pride ourselves on customer service. Our best rewards come from your satisfaction. Have a look at this amazing review written by Nicholas Salvador from Anytime Fitness in NSW.


 “Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know about a great win we have had in our club. Member feedback is excellent, far better than I expected. You have to get onto this.

Success Story - Anytime Fitness NSW


We used to use a washroom services provider that had several aerosol battery operated air fresheners that spray every so often. They often ran out, on account of the service technician never turning up on their 4 week schedule. The service technician not programming them for the low periods of a 24 hour gym, the smell being very generic like "toilet freshener". The aerosol also emits a large particle about 90 microns. This means that the spray would fall down to the ground and last about 3 mins. So they were quite useless.

 I used to loathe walking into my club and smelling that hopelessly generic smell, or in fact the gym odour when they weren't working most of the time.

 I went to a place called "Scent Australia".  I have installed one of their high-tech scenting units. It is a 240V wall mounted device that is highly programmable for running times and intensity. I have one mounted on a wall near a fan and it covers the whole of the club. I have 440sq.m, and my club is an irregular shape with a few side rooms and corners.

 The scent reaches all of the corners of the gym and is consistent, not too strong just near the unit, just right. Again I carefully tuned it to be perfect. It’s noticeable but very pleasant and constant. Not annoying in any way.

 The scent I selected is a high end fragrance oil. It’s comparable to real fragrances. So it smells high quality and is very refreshing. It has breathed new life into the club, literally. Everyone is saying how fresh and clean the place has become. And that's just form the scent.

 If you are like me, I love going into those nice clothing stores where they have a scent. It makes it more memorable and pleasing and I want to return. I now have this effect in my club.

 I have selected their specially design "Cross-fit" fragrance, designed for gyms, but will also trial a few of their others.

 Daniel offered me the device on a lease arrangement, where I get a new refill each month included in the price. It’s easy to pop the empty one out and the new one in. Again you can program it to last longer if you like, it’s all based on your size and desire.

I just can't believe how good it actually is. I have simply directed the washroom services costs into this instead. It covers the whole gym.

 One member said thanks to me for increasing the cleaning in the club, she said that it is so fresh and that she feels she can breathe so much more and felt energized, and it was comparable to running outside. 

 I seriously recommend you try this device out, even for a trial.

I believe there are also some ATFs in Melbourne that have the unit. And no I'm not getting paid for this, just wanted to share the transformation it has given us.


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