How Scent Can Assist With Customer Retention

Scent marketing is a great way to increase sales and retain customers, creating long term loyalty.

1. Create emotional connection

Scent is the most emotional of all senses. Scenting your business allows you to connect with your clients on an emotional level, creating an atmosphere that they enjoy and wish to return to, increasing customer retention.

2. Create positive experiences

With increasing competition, successful businesses are now focusing on delivering experiences rather than just products. If a customer buys a product in a beautiful smelling environment and they are happy with the product they purchased, they will have a favourable perception of your brand and will feel positive emotions towards it.

3. Take your customers where they want to be

Scent marketing works as smells trigger memories directly connected to the limbic centre of the brain where emotions are formed. When a customer is greeted with the delicious smell of coffee in a lobby or the smell of coconut in a retail store that reminds them of a vacation. they linger, in turn spending more.

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