Green Pack

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The Product:

Samples of our best green scents: Zen Garden, Hermes Country, Orange Grass, Lavender & Basil, and Mint & Jasmine.


Dynamic, breezy and natural, green notes increase energy and motivation, sharpen focus, and stimulate your senses. Perfect with modern, sophisticated, interior decor and architecture, and the semi-bitter edginess can modernise more traditional settings. Evoke the freshness of newly cut grass, violet leaves & the scent that stays with you after brushing past aromatic herbs like rosemary and mint.


Green scent has a chequered history, it hasn’t always been as popular as it is today. People found them too individual and bold, too assertively grassy, too reminiscent of pine scented cleaner and polish. But when mixed with florals, citrus, woods and musk such as in our range of green scents, the stylish aromas are rich with complexity and sophistication, and a perfect fit for modern minimalism.

Additional Paragraph

Green is the colour of a lush valley, young shoots reaching for the sun, fresh pine needles tingling in a crisp forest air, a field of grass wet with dew. Universally regarded as the colour of spring and renewal, there's something about green scents that triggers the call of nature, of open spaces and the freedom to dance like no-one is watching.


  • Zen Garden (Local)

Our most crisp fragrance celebrate top notes of Peony, Water Fruits, Lotus and Iris. Driftwood and Musk create the base notes of this fresh invigoration.

  • Hermes Country (International)

Bitter Brazilian orange, Italian mandarin and Spanish rosemary lead you to a heart of Virginian cedarwood, mint leaves and neroli flowers from Grasse. Oakmoss, patchouli and sheer musks add complexity to the whole fragrance.

  • Orange Grass (International)

A refreshing fragrance uniting a fresh cut grass accord with Brazilian orange, Italian Mandarin and Orange flowers. Sheer Jasmin and petit grain oil add a complex richness to the heart. Patchouli and cedarwood complete this unique creation.

  • Lavender & Basil (International)

Lavender is combined with Italian basil leaves, supported by cedar wood to complete this fresh and natural impression. 

  • Mint & Jasmine (International)

Mint & Jasmine is inspired by outpourings of afternoon clouds that drenches gardens exuberant with flowers. The scent is made from fresh mint leaves, heirloom jasmine and mate leaf.