A New Brand Strategy with Aromatic Fragrance

The popularity of a brand depends on the quality and attractiveness of its products and customer satisfaction. Innovative ideas, promotional ads, and commercial links enhance the brand image. Scent Australia, a renowned perfume company, has chalked out a new brand image strategy to improve customer satisfaction

The idea of creating aromatic signature scents for internationally reputed commercial brands, agencies, or industries has added a new dimension to their brand identity. They have recently had a business deal with Samsung Australia on creating a signature scent for their Melbourne stores.

Nature And Functions Of Scent Australia Signature Scents

The signature scent is the best quality product prepared with special care to smell the like one wants. It has the aroma to define a personality or an environment. Today, you will smell the sweet fragrance of signature scents at home, offices, hotel chains, resorts, and even at commercial centers. Hotel chains and global brands use endorsed signature scents to please the clients and thus, enhance brand image recognition

Scent Australia offers several unique signature scents of exclusive quality and aromatic fragrances. Different aromas of signature fragrance leave a lasting impact on the customers creating an emotional connection.

An Alliance Between Samsung Australia With Scent Australia

Samsung brand management planned to diffuse a unique signature scent at their Samsung Australia store to create a more pleasant and attractive environment. The master perfumers of Scent Australia created an ambient signature scent for Samsung with all possible ingredients that uphold the brand identity and brand image. Samsung uses the Blue Bergamot luxury signature scent for Samsung Melbourne Central. Blue Bergamot has a compelling aromatic flavor that soothes a tired mind leaving behind a lasting impression.

Customers visit a store frequently if they feel comfortable and homely out there. The influence of the signature perfume of Blue Bergamot helps create a relaxing environment for the customers to spend time. 

The Essence Of Blue Bergamot As A Signature Scent

Different brands choose their signature perfumes in the context of their business environment. Samsung Australia makes their choice of Blue Bergamot for its signature quality aroma. According to the master perfumers of Scent Australia, the inspirational essence of the scent is a rare product made of a mixture of the clean aquatic accent and cucumber juice. The cashmere musk blended with bergamot fruit juice creates an orange-like citric smell. The odor of the Blue Bergamot has a tranquilizing effect that refreshes and relaxes. 

The blue logo on the label of the signature scent is symbolic of the original brand color of Samsung Australia. As an ambient signature perfume, Blue Bergamot has established a win-win business relationship between two renowned brands of Australia.      

Promoting The Brand Positioning With The Signature Scent

Customer satisfaction is the key to brand image building and promotion. International brands adopt different strategies to attract customers to their products. Signature scents have proved to be a ‘game changer’ in promoting business. With the development of technology, people today are more interested in online shopping instead of gathering at ordinary stores. A signature scent like Blue Bergamot can make a difference. 

Once you visit any store of Samsung Australia, you will be fascinated with the aroma inside the store. The sweet fragrance of the signature brand has a soothing effect that can impress the customers. This customer experience and satisfaction are necessary to promote the brand image to the next level. 

Effective Brand Strategy For A Mutual Gain

Scent Australia is connecting different business sectors with their expertise in making unique scents on individual needs. This corporate branding strategy helps them spread their reputation to the customers and create a new business platform. On the other hand, Samsung Australia is also availing of the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction by using the product of Scent Australia. This modern brand strategy should turn to a long-term relationship among the industries worldwide and thus, ensure a mutual gain.