Secret Sneaker Store

A secret not worth keeping

These are times in which all focus seems to be on digital marketing when creating a brand strategy, with e-stores doing great efforts to simulate the in-store experience. Yet brick and mortar businesses offer a great opportunity to improve brand awareness and customer satisfaction. An omni-channel brand development strategy is surely the key to building a brand that stands out in the current scenario.

To understand this, first we need to think of what is brand identity or brand image. The way the brand is perceived by its customers is the brand image and brand identity are the elements that a company implements to build brand image. As businesses are constantly experimenting with brand building strategies within the digital realm, innovations such as scent marketing centered on customer experience and satisfaction come handy. And a brand like Secret Sneaker Store, Australia’s first sneakers store sourced by consignment, is very conscious of how important it is to improve customer satisfaction. “Their talented team is passionate about providing [their] customers with an exciting and exclusive shopping experience”.

They could also be considered brand strategy examples of an interesting reverse phenomenon. Instead of following the trend towards digitalization, they were able to build a brand that turns the digital environment back to analog. “We’re basically a platform. People who [are] lucky enough to [own] limited-edition, high-end streetwear from UK, Japan, USA and Australia can bring the item in store,” explains Edwin Low, responsible for bringing this concept into Melbourne and Sydney. Thus Secret Sneaker Store is a physical marketplace that summons all players in the pop sneaker community, building an image and branding tailored for all Hypebeasts and Sneakerheads under one united roof. 

Telling a good story is essential for building brand recognition. SSS’s exclusive concept is a fantastic narrative, a secret worth letting slip. Then why contact brand development companies when they already appeal to a very receptive sneaker cult? Well, how to increase brand recall if not by creating a truly immersive experience. “Low’s turned a three-month Chadstone Shopping Centre pop-up into a permanent store. The all-white boutique is polished and sleek, with a curved shoe-display wall featuring spotlit kicks, infinity mirrors, and an array of collectable cult Japanese Bearbrick toys. Tunes from Kanye West and rapper Playboi Carti blast as swarms of sneakerheads try on shoes, clothes and accessories from Nike, Off White, Supreme and Bape.” Furthermore, they installed our medium diffusers loaded with our signature Santal 66 oil to add an extra layer to the sensorial universe they have created at The Fashion Capital. 

“It’s such a niche market in Australia,” [Jayden Traynor] says, “People were really excited to see a store like this open in Melbourne.” The fragrance features sandalwood, Virginia cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber and iris, all surrendering as fuel for a deeper cause: “to curate Australia's sneaker community as Australia's most trustworthy, one-stop-shop for all hype and collectible sneakers and clothing”.