A sweet citrus twist on your Zadig and Voltaire store

Show me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Scent Australia had the honour to be involved with Zadig and Voltaire, a Parisian luxury fashion brand founded in 1997 that still manages to remain both contemporary and classic. Their style is casually edgy, the ‘I woke up like this’ kind of vibe that characterizes effortlessly chic individuals. Zadig and Voltaire Australia came to us in search of how to create a brand strategy that supports their vision and continues their ongoing innovative journey. Of all brand development companies, it was us who were approached to assist them in holding a space for the diverse universe they have created for their customers. 

From a marketing perspective, we all understand the simple rule that says: enhance customer experience and satisfaction will naturally increase, resulting in heightened retail sales. But the brand marketing definition has been substantially transformed in the past decades. Within a rapidly changing context, to build a strong brand identity you need more than the usual brand strategy examples we have practiced in the previous years. Zadig and Voltaire Melbourne decided to use one of our scents to highlight the bold spirit of their brand image and brand identity, as a result, was diffused into their stores and permeated into their consumers minds. And that is how you build brand awareness nowadays. 

Persian poet Rumi once said “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I will meet you there.” Zadig and Voltaire is a brand that does not simply follow trends - they tell a story. And this story takes place in a universe beyond femenine and masculine, day and night, work and leisure. This story invites you to be yourself, to remember the simple measures to make sense of life’s strains, which is the inspiration for our Black Fig scent, Zadig and Voltaire fragrance of choice. 

The brand strategy of making a statement through a scent released into their stores matches the brand’s philosophy in every aspect. In the words of their founder, Thierry Gillier, “I can’t imagine life without fragrance. I like when it leaves behind a trail, asserts a personality. It’s an alchemy between you and someone else.” We could not agree more. Black Fig brings free spirits together to dwell among citruses and ripe plum aromas, in a room enveloped with a sugary serenade that might as well resemble a French bakery. The distinct style and sensibility over which they build the brand is perfectly balanced with our corporate branding methods. That is why their operational plan began with testing the scent in one store and now our commercial scent diffusers are spreaded across every one of their shops in Australia.