The flow of Metricon

A company that embraces constant innovation and reinvention is alive. And a living organism is ever changing, evolving, moving forward. No man ever steps in the same river twice, said Greek philosopher Heraclitus, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man. Such is the natural flow of things, the cyclic steps towards the burgeoning Spring, prosperous as a home building company that swims in a vital stream to become a stunningly sublime waterfall. Because Metricon has “never been satisfied with simply building homes ‘the way it’s always been done.’ This is why [they] set [their] company on a path of constant innovation and reinvention that continues today.”

Metricon’s brand identity was built on a bedrock of integrity and high quality. Over such foundations were raised strong pillars: brand positioning and customer satisfaction nested within award winning designs and industry-leading standards. These helped build a strong brand image, as solid as their lifelong constructions. A brand image with a stable structure, standing proud for over 40 years. Through the decades, Metricon has been building brand recognition focused on enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. They bring dream homes to life, maintaining a consistency in each of their completed houses while also allowing for magic to happen in each unique case. Building a brand that intertwines organic movement within its reliably rigorous frame promotes a multi-dimensional brand awareness. Within this kind of brand development strategies, scent marketing is the perfect complement. What a better way to create brand awareness than with a fresh fragrance that enlivens an immaculate construction. Our Waterfall oil perfumes the air with a subtle sweetness that breathes new life into their properties. 

Yes, human beings are visual creatures, and first impressions matter. It takes only a few seconds for a person to evaluate a scene and form an opinion, and visual appeal plays a major part in influencing this judgement. Metricon has this covered with great displays that open a door for customers to their needs and aspirations. Yet “smells have a stronger link to memory and emotion than any of the other senses”. And Metricon understands that there is more to building a house than its assembly, the timber, bricks and nails that hold it all together. They are thoughtfully building a lifestyle, a home where memories are created and love is shared. That is why they have turned to Scent Australia, to help customers begin building a memory as soon as they step into their dream house. Not only does this contribute to brand recall, but it also enhances the overall perception of quality. As customers walk into any Metricon display home across Australia, they open their eyes to embrace the bright, light-filled spaces with a stylish contemporary appeal. Then they plunge their heads beneath the cool stream of cyclamen flowers, hints of lemon rinds, mint and sheer jasmine that carries them towards their aspiring futures.