Extend Your Brand Identity With Perfume

Are you thinking of how you can expand your business and take your brand image to the next level? Is your company looking for an effective strategy to enhance brand image recognition? If you are a member of the brand management panel of hotel chains, you are welcome to Scent Australia. Scent Australia, the leading Australian corporate branding firm, is always ready to serve you. They offer a wide variety of marvelous aromas to convey a new marketing experience. 

You may be curious about how scent branding can help you improve your brand image. There are hundreds of brand recall examples using unique signature scents around the world. The intercontinental hotels in Australia, for example, use their respective signature scent to impress their guests. The ambiance of the signature scents creates a soothing effect that acts as a spell on the consumers.

Astonishing Impact Of Scent Marketing On Brand Building And Positioning

When you visit a shopping mall, a superstore, a grand hotel, or banquet hall, your heart leaps in joy watching the gorgeous decoration and listening to the sweet melody. These features are also a part of brand awareness that links other aspects to establish brand positioning. Like your eyes and ears, the sense of smell also gets stimulated with a sweet fragrance. The aromatic fragrance of signature scents hits your smelling organ and stirs your emotions as if a magical influence. 

The more intense the aroma is, the more powerful will be its impact on you. You will feel an intense desire within, like a passion, to stay longer or get back again for the sake of pleasure or relaxation. Intercontinental hotels in Australia are adopting this brand strategy of diffusing a signature scent for their customer satisfaction. 

When customers enter the hotel lobby, they get overwhelmed with an ecstatic aroma. The mind-blowing, premium perfume of the signature scent makes them feel compelled to spend longer than usual.  

The Role Of Jardin De Carthage In Building A Brand Identity 

The brand identity of Jardin de Carthage is due to its quality scent. The international master perfumers put a lot of effort into creating the sensational top notes. The unforgettable flavor of the signature scent diffuses exclusive natural aromas that can arrest your senses and stir your memory. Keeping the phenomena of a 5-star Intercontinental hotel in mind, the Scent Australia infuses all favorable notes to extract an exciting fragrance. You will just get lost in the smell of spices along with the essence of rosewood, citrus, blossom amber, and heliotrope. 

Since customer satisfaction is the sole mission of any hotel brand management, the captivating odors of Jardin de Carthage will serve this purpose at ease. The soft, natural fragrance of the signature scent has an acute emotional influence on the mind. The powerful citric essence with floral perfume will create a lasting impression on your guests.

How Scent Branding Improves The Brand Image Recognition

Building the brand image of a hotel mostly depends on customer satisfaction. Scent branding is one of the most feasible brand strategies to attract consumers. The pleasant aromas of Jardin de Carthage all around your hotel territory will give your guests a feel of spicy fragrance. The enchanting influence of Jardin de Carthage will improve its brand image. The magic spells of the signature scent are: 

  • creating a non-visual pleasant phenomenon all over.
  • soothing the tired minds of consumers with the citrus-floral aroma.
  • ensuring customer satisfaction in favor of your hotel.
  • making the brand image awareness with a unique signature perfume.
  • Helping brand recall improve brand image recognition.

Promotion Of Brand Image And Business Relationship
Mutual relationship among different companies helps accelerate the brand image recognition and spread its flavor fast. Scent Australia is always assertive with this brand strategy. They welcome all, especially the intercontinental hotel groups, to establish a long-term relationship for mutual profits. This bondage may lead to strong brand recognition for both parties. The brand image of Scent Australia will remain alive in the heart of everybody one day.