Building branding ideas with Coco Republic

As you walk into the breathtaking showrooms of Coco Republic, there is nothing better than a good fragrance to get your breath back. Their idyllic stores are discreetly groundbreaking and Seu De Pamp, the aromas that Scent Australia has put together exclusively for them, is boisterously grounding. Because scent marketing has the power to elevate brand positioning while helping customers land smoothly into a homely environment, exquisitely furnished with style and luxury. “If I had to describe Coco Republic’s showrooms in one word it would be “seductive”. You instantly feel like you’ve parachuted into a luxurious hotel”. That’s it, a fresh hotel room with clean bedsheets where you can catch your breath, inside and out of your comfort zone at the same time in the hand of this state-of-the-art brand. 

Coco Republic embodies their brand identity with high-end homewares that are widely recognised within Australia, New Zealand and even the United States. Showing a holistic approach to building brand strategy, they seek constant innovation to improve customer satisfaction, including property styling services, in-store refreshments and even a cafe or barstool at some locations. Speaking of integrated brand strategy examples, their strive for unique brand development tools made them naturally gravitate towards Scent Australia. We created a fragrance oil that would enliven their brand image and bring their sophisticated furniture to life, like a chic, new age Pinnochio in the context of Australia’s interior design industry. “Featuring bold statement pieces, an outdoor gallery, a purpose-designed rug gallery, an interior design lab and dedicated design meeting rooms - it establishes a true end-to-end experience complete with a signature Coco Republic fragrance wafting through the air.” An operational plan focused on testing the scent in one store, not only did it result in the installation of our medium diffusers in every store across Australia, but also in the synthesis of our fragrance into their brand image recognition

And as brand recall settles in and the memory of the outstanding customer experience and satisfaction lingers, the reverie brings customers back home. Home to Coco Republic’s interior and exterior setups infused with our signature scent. And home to their own private sanctuaries where they can install reed diffusers filled with Seu De Pamp to create an atmosphere that complements the elegant furniture they have purchased from their favorite furniture store. A strategic use of resources invested in enhancing brand awareness while accompanying the customer on their journey to manifesting their dream house. With the meticulous nature that characterizes Coco Republic, our scent is also implemented as an odour control tool to ensure that the furniture does not carry any unpleasant smells that may have been absorbed during transportation. No details are overlooked in Coco Republic’s full service mindset, which goes as far as launching their own product design department.