Cotton On to the benefits of scent marketing

Invigorate is the girl on the train, dressed in a soft amber suit. She catches your eye and yearns for prolonged attention. Our scent combining eucalyptus, geranium and mint has a seductive vitality that resembles that of the Cotton On customer. With an energising presence, Invigorate promotes a spatial spirit that lures you into the store. Once there, it invites you to mingle with the friendly staff and volumes of design garments and accessories, absolutely tantalized by the effortlessly cool and positive atmosphere. “When customers visit Cotton On, they are not just walking into a store; they are entering a brand.” And the internationally loved Aussie retailer surely knows about building a brand and establishing a coherent brand image and brand identity

Cotton On’s focus is to provide an enjoyable customer experience and satisfaction by turning their stores into a celebration of fashion. Their ideas to improve customer satisfaction and brand awareness go beyond offering attractive and affordable garments. They have an innovative and consistent brand strategy that is infused in every aspect of their business. From colour palettes and price points to cutting-edge technology - such as activating a playlist in the fitting room inspired on the garment you are trying on -, Cotton On is on an ongoing journey towards creating a brand image as dynamic as the times that run. In fact, “shopping is done faster than ever these days and decisions are made on the spot”. Thus increasing dwell time and improving ambience to bring the in-store experience back to laid-back, evoking the good ol’ Aussie philosophy, can increase sales and brand loyalty as much as brand recall. 

Invigorate equals harmony and passion, aligned with the brand management approach that fuels Cotton On’s progressive brand development. And with their strong commitment to customer satisfaction, they understand the market and the customer’s needs. “I guess the other thing we’re seeing more recently is a far greater need to have a connection to a brand, not just the product,” said CEO Peter Johnson to Business Insider ”So we feel that customers are looking for something a bit more genuine, a bit more real, [asking] ‘what’s the story behind this.'” 

And the answer may be, as in the words of Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu, a “Victorian success story” in terms of their constant expansion and, with the help of Scent Australia, another tale of favorable emotional branding examples. Our medium diffusers filled with our signature fragrance that mixes lemon and bergamot with cedarwood, thyme and sage, create an electric environment in Cotton On’s largest store with the most foot traffic: Chadstone. The Fashion Capital welcomes “the everyday guy and girl with an eye for the latest trends and a drive for self-expression” to immerse into the Cotton On lifestyle redolent of Scent Australia’s unique fragrance diffuser oil.