Brand Recall Stories: A Scent, That Won Hearts Wherever It Went

A lot of thought goes into building a brand and improving customer satisfaction. While everyone indulges in the basics of creating a shop that tempts customers to keep visiting, some indulge in deeper details to build the brand. One such brand is Country Road. 

The Beginning Of A Wonderful Relationship

While the main target was to build a homely environment for their customers, little did they know that a scent could create a wild new sensation? When Country Road connected with Scents Australia and came across the ‘Fig Tree’ scent, it seemed like they found the big factor that could prove to be a game-changer and build brand identity

It seemed like this could become a major part of image and branding. Country Road had been looking for a way to make their customers feel more welcome to their stores. A place that felt homely and safe for them to keep visiting. Little did they know that indulging in this scent would result in this becoming a huge part of building a brand strategy. 

The Beginning Of Popularity

When Country road collaborated with Scent Australia, they found themselves in a situation where not only did the shops around them incorporate the same scent, but customers repeatedly kept asking questions on what scent this exactly was and where can they acquire it. Within no time, homes and businesses both wanted the same Country Road Fig Tree scent. 

This is an excellent brand-creating example. However, you may wonder, how could a scent create such a frenzy? How could a scent end up becoming a part of brand image recognition? To understand this, let us dive a little deep into what scent marketing is and why this can improve brand image

What Is Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing is using the concept of scents as part of building brand identity and brand image. Just like Country Road, using scents can help improve customer experience and make them increase their dwell time and willingness to buy your products. Some of the ways scent marketing can help create brand awareness are as follows:

    1. hustle of life thereby improving customer satisfaction
    2. Since scented products are considered as beings of high quality, being in a scented environment increases a customer's willingness to buy products. This helps improve brand image.
    3. Scents can get linked with memories, this will make your customers want to come back and spend more time in your establishment to re-experience that pleasant memory. Again a subconscious trick towards building brand awareness.
    4. The concept of scenting has not been adopted much into building a brand identity. It continues to be a unique concept that can make your brand stand out from the rest.

The Aftermath

When Country Road started with their initial operational plan of going with 1 diffuser in 1 store, they received overwhelming responses. Everyone wanted to know all about the ‘fig tree’ scent and helped improve brand image. The scent which was then referred to as the country road scent was described as not a strong smell, but sweet without being overly sweet, light and fresh, but still elegant. 

While in connection with Scent Australia, Country road mentioned that they were looking for a scent that gave a homely comfortable feel to things, the ‘fig tree’ scent could not have been any more perfect to build the brand. This scent has almost created a cult-like group filled with loyal buyers who were filled with great customer experience and satisfaction

The scent which also got to be known as the country road fig scent, had customers repeatedly asking them for more information about the scent. Country Road has been more than happy to direct them to scents Australia where there are now hundreds of satisfied individuals and retail clients.