A Twist In Brand Strategy Can Give You An Edge

Changes in brand strategy are the demand of time. You have to experiment with new brand awareness ideas to keep pace with the advanced world. Scent branding is a modern concept of promoting your brand image. A leading scent branding industry, Scent Australia has taken initiatives to bring a twist in business to develop the brand image. The expert hands of Scent Australia create magnificent signature scents for different renowned brands to help them improve brand identity

The enchanting aromas of the signature scent have a hypnotizing essence that occupies the senses. Many reputed brands are now using the signature scents at their retail stores to add ambience and glamour. The sweet fragrance of the Scent Australia products acts as a driving force in developing their brand image rapidly.

The Secrets Behind The New Brand Image Recognition

The credit of the recent surge in Australian business with scent branding goes mostly to Scent Australia. A wide variety of their luxury scents are the secret behind the brand recall stories. Many companies, retail stores, industrial brand management, and intercontinental hotel groups have turned around by scent branding from Scent Australia. Deloitte, a popular brand image in Australia, is, for example, rebranded its signature scent to improve customer experience and satisfaction

The Deloitte signature scent brand has been Australian Bush. The authority plans to experiment with a professional signature scent to get better exposure to their brand identity. On request of Deloitte, Scent Australia invents the one-of-a-kind signature scent ‘Bushwood’ that diffuses a seductive aromatic fragrance to connect the consumer’s emotion. The touchy note of Bushwood has drastically changed the environment of the stores.

Emotional Branding Examples Of Deloitte With The Flavor Of Bushwood

Customer satisfaction is the end of every business brand strategy. A neat and clean atmosphere, quality products, and dedicated service are the key factors that recognize the brand image. The exotic aromas of Bushwood create a magical influence on the customers, the staff, and the overall working environment. The ambience of the Deloitte signature scent revives their brand image, invigorating the store, enlivening the product quality, and motivating the consumers. 

Thanks to the master perfumers of Scent Australia, their expertise in the fusion of a fresh greenwood and pepperwood essence based on sandalwood flavour. They combine a mixed floral heart note with the fragrance of lemon, cut grass, and pine trees. Inspired by the pure gist of nature, Bushwood diffuses an aesthetic aroma that makes you feel like walking through the Australian bushland.    

A Remarkable Improvement In Deloitte’s Corporate Branding  

Deloitte has already achieved tremendous success in scent branding strategy. The relaxing effect of Bushwood signature scent on the customers has increased the dwell time and drive in the sale. They have applied the brand strategy in 10 retail stores at different locations. They have also set medium commercial scent diffusers in these stores for smooth and balanced diffusion of scent. 

Scent Australia feels proud of being a business partner of the Deloitte brand and wants to step forward with them.