The Italian way with Furla

As time goes by, we gain awareness of the impermanence of things. In the fashion world as much as in all other aspects of life, we have learnt that change is the only constant. It is impressive to find companies with a branding identity that survives the passing of time, especially when based on old school craftsmanship and traditional materials. Furla carries so much heritage in such a casual and contemporary way, that the brand positioning directly reflects the elegance and functionality of their iconic handbags. As proud branding consultants for Furla Australia, our brand management experts were introduced to the unique ecosystem of this exquisite luxury Italian brand that produces artisanal bags, shoes and accessories for men and women. 

Founded in Bologna in 1927, this family owned business began distributing products and fashionable ladies accessories via wholesale. In 1955 they opened their first store which still operates today. Their first collection was released when the sons and daughter of Aldo Furlanetto, the founder, joined the company around the 1970s. Using only world-class real Italian leather, renowned for its high quality and delightful texture, Furla remains an affordable treat as opposed to other brands in their category. Accessible luxury, consistent quality, steady growth, their path has always been straight and forward. We were honoured to be asked how to increase brand image for a brand with such a solid trajectory. Incorporating scent marketing to enhance customer satisfaction and heighten sales was a smart move on their behalf. With Furla, every decision seems to be as accurately thought as their choice of patterns and designs. 

Just as Scent Australia was mesmerized by the distinctive spirit infused throughout their collections, we wanted people to fall in love with their exclusive brand image when entering any Furla shop in the country. The right Furla fragrance had to carry the joyfulness and beauty of an Italian lover, an authentic entity that seeks no attention as it attracts it naturally with its charming classiness. Our signature scent, The Blanc, was the ideal candidate. Our plan to enhance brand image was to make a silent statement through our commercial diffusers, building a brand identity based on their traditions and way of life. We had no doubts that the elegantly balanced floral bouquet aromas would introduce customers to the colorful ambience of the Italian lifestyle and thus promote brand recall. The brand strategy was to test the ability of the fragrance to increase brand awareness in one Furla Australia store. Furla Melbourne, maintaining the minimalist boldness that characterizes the original brand identity, proudly displayed the sophisticated infusion of tea and citrus notes and successfully improved customer experience and satisfaction.