The legend of Hype DC

The sparkling radiance infuses onlookers with dream and desire, with inability to conceal such a response. Easy to associate the inspiration for our Dark Orchid fragrance with the feeling you get as you step into one of Hype DC stores. How can you improve customer satisfaction when eyes are already sparkling and mouths slightly watering as you walk into their immaculate sneakers universe? That is the beauty of scent marketing: you can introduce another sense into the equation for a holistic experience. It would not be surprising if some fans within the sneakers community were to kiss their pristine new shoes, but this is not one of those emotional branding examples. Yes, we could be talking about taste, but only in terms of aesthetic appreciation. Regarding the human senses, we are talking about olfaction.

Our sense of smell is as sophisticated as the customers that resonate with Hype DC’s brand identity. Australia’s leading sneaker company has strongly been building a brand since 1998, with carefully curated products. “They have created an immersive environment where their customers experience their brand stories & product, one that their suppliers are proud to contribute to.” Yes, as branding consultants we are pleased to work with Hype DC, supporting their brand building strategies with our scientifically formulated scents. 

The symbolism of black orchids is closely related to storytelling, in the form of mysterious fiction, legends and myths, and also linked to pop culture. They are associated with four superheroines that appeared in Adventure Comics in 1973, with peculiar powers such as being able to absorb nutrients from the air and generate seductive pheromones. Masters of disguise, they could even adjust their shape as well as skin, hair and eye pigmentation. Something any of Hype DC’s customers may aspire to. Through scent marketing, we can continue generating an immersive ambience that modestly invites you to disguise, seduce and break boundaries in the comfort of a trendy pair of sneakers. Such is the customer experience and satisfaction that can be created with the right brand development strategies. Hype DC’s sneakertellers tell tales that lace the waves, and break silence (...), tiny mysteries that are sworn to secrecy. Our signature infusion is packed with heroine aromas, such as fresh gardenia, the seductive ylang-ylang and Mexican chocolate, ideal to build a strong brand image through the nose receptors.

“Streetwear, in general, is really self-expressive. Sneakers are for everyone.” Anyone can walk into a Hype DC store ready to be hypnotised by the glisten of the shiniest sneakers on their pupils. They have a foot in every state, with all stores across Australia diffusing our scent after testing the fragrance in one location with positive results. Brand awareness and brand loyalty are natural consequences of investing in customer satisfaction. Contemporary customers demand for inspirational experiences and personalization. If you are wondering how to increase brand loyalty, the current scenario calls for emotional connections. If you were looking for successful branding examples, this was the legendary tale of Hype DC. The End.