It feels like love, it smells like Mimco

The motto ‘whatever it becomes, it is’ was the lever that pulled this fashion accessory brand from the Melburnian ground towards the international market. Starting only with a modest collection of six bags, this successful company that now belongs to the Country Road Group was the result of a young entrepreneur’s leap of faith. Mimco’s organic process of brand building and positioning has carried the enthusiasm of the 90s to the following decades, accompanying generations through life milestones with their iconic designs. 


Mimco is arguably one of the best emotional branding examples in the Australian fashion sphere, with a trajectory closely linked to the life journey of many aussie women. They contacted Scent Australia in search of brand identity ideas that would improve brand awareness for a company with an already exemplary corporate branding. Our challenge was to think about how to increase brand recall so that consumers would remember the stores with that same fondness as they remember their first ever accessory purchased from Mimco. “The first time I wore them felt like a rite of passage into a world of style and luxury that I’ve never wanted to leave since” says journalist Grace O’Neill referring to her first Mimco purchase. That is the essence imbued in the brand strategy thought for this client: to enhance customer satisfaction by introducing them into an inspiring atmosphere that they would want to dwell in endlessly.


In order to build brand and improve customer satisfaction at the same time, we agreed to test our Autumn Fig aroma in one local Mimco store. This scent, now diffused in every store across the country, takes you to a landscape smeared with orange and pink tones, a sunset in the emblematic rose gold color palette that triggers their peculiar brand image recognition with nostalgic reveries. A warm ambience that could easily resemble a summer evening as much as a sweet, woody fall afternoon. As timeless as the Australian accessory brand that takes on every season with creativity and the notable attention to detail that helped them build a strong brand image

With Mimco’s unique image and branding closely related to equally iconic local collaborators that have contributed to their brand image development throughout the years, Scent Australia is proud of being a part of their community. Even though Mimco has changed owners, the brand identity has remained true to its original DNA. The continuous efforts to build the brand for women who value individuality, collectability and quality is reflected on this leap of faith taken towards a brand development strategy based on making a statement in a different way. Our scientifically crafted fragrances are also unique, stylish and memorable, thus they pair exceptionally well with Mimco’s identity.