Scents of integrity for a brand of character

Entirely unique in its offerings, and remarkable in its soul. That is the essence that links our London fragrance to the luxury menswear company MJ Bale. Their offerings: carefully tailored clothing produced with the finest, responsibly sourced materials. Their soul: conscious custodians of authentic craftsmanship and the environment. Committed to building a brand identity based on the principle of integrity, MJ Bale has a holistic approach to fashion and business. They ensure the highest quality from the outset, and thrive to give back every element they borrow from the land. MJ Bale does not hesitate when taking on innovative marketing ventures, thus it is not surprising that they have contacted Scent Australia in search of new brand awareness ideas. And we are honoured to have passed the barbecue test

Our offerings are corporate branding services that are as much of a snug fit to their brand image development as their high performing suits. Our soul is a delicate drop of the finest essential oil, a smart and luxurious creation that strives to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. Developing brand building strategies for a company with such mindful brand management is an aspiration that we are pleased to have achieved. One can trust that every step MJ Bale takes withholds a purpose, and that is the nature of our signature scent that was initially tested in one location and is now enhancing the ambience of every store across Australia. 

To improve customer satisfaction through scent marketing, our branding consultants picked a fragrance that represented MJ Bale’s values and brand identity. Our London fragrance suits a man with an aura of confidence within a sphere of commotion, a solid character with a sense of solitary purpose and lust for existence. A brand image recognition that resonates with individuals with an instinctive drive to improve their environment. In the words of founder and CEO, Mat Jensen, "it's what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going in these challenging times everyone is in." From the grass that feeds the sheep to the men that wear their suits, MJ Bale has focused on creating a brand image that reflects their core values.

Just as the healthier the livestock, the better quality and lightness of the wool, the stronger the foundational principles of a business, the better the brand awareness. As Mr. Jensen puts it, “M.J. Bale’ suits, what we consider ‘garments of integrity for men of character’, have always been tailored with a soft and lightweight construct to suit the Australian climate and athletic man.” We target that man to increase brand loyalty with base notes of tobacco leaf, middle notes of leather and top notes of cinnamon, lavender and bergamot. When this man steps into an MJ Bale store, he knows why they come, and then yearn to stay, but only the special will withstand the light of the night.