From Vegas to Crown: ambient scenting in the casino industry

A casino is a lot more than an all-encompassing entertainment hub. It is a world of its own, a parallel universe with a different time zone. A whole spectrum of emotions are triggered in this environment that intertwines the euphoria of gaming with the thrill of highly stimulating amusement. That is why casinos have inspired an array of multi-sensorial strategies focused on delivering an integrated guest experience. Colors, textures, music, floor layout, and other spatial, visual and auditory elements have a cumulative effect with every interaction with visitors. This contributes to the way they perceive the venue and influences the time they spend enjoying the facilities. When someone is comfortable, they lose track of time. The longer people dwell among the slot machines, the more they consume. Thus one could say that casinos are a fantastic scenario to explore the different sensory avenues that a brand can take to elevate their positioning.

Scent marketing is more than just another layer in a multidimensional brand strategy. There is enough research and anecdotal evidence showing how the olfactory system is strongly connected to memory and emotions. Fragrances alone can lift the mood of guests and enhance their experience at the casino. In combination with the other elements at play, scent helps create a general ambience of quality and luxury. When guests leave the casino, the aroma lingers in their minds reinforcing the memory of their recent experience. Furthermore, there are studies suggesting that scent can significantly and positively affect coin-in in slot machines. The study also found that the power of scent to enhance the gaming experience is predominant in refreshing and soothing blends with a high percentage of natural components, as opposed to synthetic options. Not every fragrance is effective. And of course businesses should be conscious of what their clients are breathing in.

The Mirage casino in Las Vegas installed vaporizers with aromatic oils in their ventilation systems for the first time in 1991. The initial application of ambient scenting in the casino industry was aimed to mask the smell of cigarettes, alcohol, body odor and any other unpleasant smells absorbed in the walls and carpets with extremely high foot traffic. Soon after, every resort in Las Vegas had realized the persuasive abilities of ambient scenting. In Australia, Crown Resorts are one of the largest entertainment groups. As a leading integrated resort, they have to be ahead with every innovation in the market. Crown Resorts are taking great advantage of the benefits of scent marketing to support their image of prestige. Their world-class experiences, including gaming, gastronomy and accomodation, are enriched with uplifting, vibrant and luxurious aromas diffused through their central air system. 





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