Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a physical fitness centre with a 24/7 business model. With more than 500 clubs around Australia, it involves a large community of members and staff interested in health and wellbeing. Being a franchise, certain aspects may differ from one club to another which is why it is vital to build brand identity to maintain a link between them. 

Introducing scent marketing into the fitness world for brand building and positioning, and to improve customer satisfaction, simply makes sense… Gyms are breweries of unpleasant odors and it is only reasonable to think of incorporating aromas to improve their environment. However, masking the smell of dirty clothes and sweaty armpits with any fragrance is a risky brand strategy. Scent Australia offers scientifically formulated scents that are especially designed to bind to molecules of bad odour to eliminate them. That is the key to being able to improve brand image.

After testing our scents in one store, Anytime Fitness is currently infusing every centre in Australia with our Dream fragrance oil. Simple and elegant, it contains aromatic accords of fresh citrus, bergamot, musk, amber and jasmine. Studies show that smell can play a vital role in motivating mice to engage in physical activity. It is highly probable that the same happens with human beings. Citrus fragrances, apart from being effective air fresheners, are believed to help boost physical and mental energy levels. They can also help decrease levels of anxiety and irritability, both feelings that abound at gyms. Uplifting the mood of members is a great way to increase brand recall. Jasmine is said to boost concentration and relieve stress. Bergamot is used in aromatherapy to reduce tension and anxiety, and enliven the mood. Musk is widely used as a natural deodorant for its odor neutralizing properties, and amber has calming properties, plus there is anecdotal evidence showing that it helps energize the heart.

Utilizing scent in brand development is more than one of the most innovative of all emotional branding examples of these times. The benefits of scenting in gyms, fitness clubs and recreation centers are vast. New member conversion and brand loyalty are the basis of a successful fitness business. A positive customer experience and satisfaction are essential when considering how to increase brand loyalty. It is said that one of the main indicators that determine the likelihood of new members to sign up to a gym is the cleanliness of the environment. And the ability that scent has to create a pleasant ambience that gives a sense of pristinity is immense. There is direct feedback from clients admiring how fresh and clean the club had become after our diffusers were installed, which confirms the advantages for brand awareness that scent marketing offers.