Smell like a Boss

The brand image recognition of Hugo Boss has been so carefully tailored throughout the decades that the label has maintained a strong, seamless trajectory. Their cutting edge collections stitch together the new -in terms of materials, designs, and innovative marketing campaigns- with traditional, high quality manufacturing. Thus “the Hugo Boss brand is clearly defined by a dynamic design with an emphasis on functionality, clean lines, and attention to details.” Such brand identity, in combination with their 360 degree brand development strategies -from digital platforms to displays in stores-, is what makes them a natural candidate for integrating scent marketing into their brand management initiatives. Dynamic and functional are elemental qualities of ambient scenting, which is easily appreciated by meticulous businesses that seek to offer holistic customer experience and satisfaction. 

Hugo Boss has definitely set the bar high for competitors, and even for themselves. “The BOSS customer has exacting standards when it comes to quality and fit, and attaches great importance to an adequate value-for-money proposition. The shopping experience must also meet the highest standards, particularly with regard to personal service.” To meet such expectations that follow their immaculate brand positioning and continue to offer an elevated brand experience, the label is constantly looking for ways to innovate with new store concepts. Across the globe, curated selections of elegant men’s and women’s wear are arranged in sleek displays that represent the best attributes of the brand. The stylish and confident customer navigates the BOSS world crafted with exclusive business and leisure garments in a state-of-the-art layout. As a gentle music caresses their ears, they run their fingers over the clothes and can sense the quality and texture of the fabrics. This stimulating and pleasant environment is permeated with a sweet, woody fragrance that contributes to the unique ambience that invites the customer to linger. 

The signature scent opens a new channel for customers to engage with their favorite brand, resulting in increased sales and brand loyalty. The complex aromas diffused across all Hugo Boss stores are elaborated with the same dedication that goes into every element of their brand image. The full possibilities of scent marketing are yet to be explored. But little by little, the most reputable brands are being infused with this trend that shows positive results through proactive customer feedback. Apart from clothes, Hugo Boss specializes in colognes among other items that constitute their broad portfolio. They surely know how to reach their audience and impregnate their brand into their lifestyles through a diversity of avenues.