Heart of glass and fresh melons

Chadstone has a very special place in the hearts of Australian and international shoppers. And that place is large enough to hold world-class stores, a five-star hotel, a HOYTS Cinema Complex and Australia’s LegoLand Discovery Centre. The Fashion Capital is an epicenter of fashion and entertainment in the Southern Hemisphere, the core of customer experience and satisfaction in Victoria. You might want to know how to strengthen brand identity even further within the hearts of visitors and clients when they have been building a brand with well-renowned architecture over solid foundations. Well, broadening brand image recognition is simpler than expanding a building’s surface area. And we are talking about an already very large building. This is yet another one of our emotional branding examples that show how you can create brand awareness in multi-dimensional ways.

As you step into the super hub of retail experience, infinite layers of stimulating elements are displayed around you. Chadstone opened in 1960 and remains standing with innovative concepts that keep the centre in continuous transformation. They incorporated scent marketing to add another layer of innovation and excitement, an invisible one, profoundly connected to emotions and remembrance. Our signature fragrance charges the air with a spirit that uplifts all those who find themselves in it. Chadstone’s stunning engineering design includes a gridshell glass roof that provides a blanket of natural light over the immense range of luxury labels that live and breed within that space. Our medium diffusers installed across the entire building provide a feeling of a sea breeze sneaking through the walls, expanding the reach of their brand image even further. Beach Party is a wave of summer that flows into the Fashion Capital, making people smile and dance to the beat of the sunset. A fresh reminder of freedom that brightens up an enclosed place, turning a shopping mall into a greenhouse and customers into busy shopping bees. 

An embellished ambience has the ability to improve customer satisfaction, which leads to stronger brand loyalty and brand recall. Scent Australia offers a brand development strategy that involves enhancing the perception of quality, not only from the customer’s perspective but also for the brands that may want to become a part of Chadstone's universe. Our fragrance gives purpose to what the future holds, increasing the value of every square meter infused in molecules of kiwi, lychee, green melon and flower aromas. The sensual background of sandalwood, musk and amber helps with building a brand as extensive and expansive as Chadstone’s brand positioning.