10 benefits of diffusing scent in hotels

Scent is animal and primal, it provokes an emotional answer. Hate it or love it scent is directly connected directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus, areas of your brain that process emotion and memory. Your sense of smell is the only one that comes fully developed at birth. It remains the primary way children define the world until sight takes over.

As a hotel diffusing scent is an inevitable evidence as it is what makes the whole difference between a place with no soul or a second home you’d like to live in.

But I know that you want more so here it is 10 incredible benefits of using scent in your hotel:  
1. Scent builds loyalty: guests will be more likely to come back to your hotel or visit the same name in a different country
2. Sophisticated scents enhance brand perception of an environment  
3. Diffusing scent will link your property with positive memories and emotions 
4. Scent elevates mood by up to as much as 40%  
5. Frequent travellers often cite the smell of a hotel as being associated with “home”  
6. Smell has a strong influence on our appreciation of our environment
 7. Scent furthers guest satisfaction as it increases the perception of the services received by the customer
8. Guests are immediately welcome by a scent and feel more relaxed 
9. Scent gives personality to your brand, an olfactive logo is even more powerful than a visual logo to build up your brand 
10. Your hotel will smell good and we can all agree that working in a nicely scented environment is an excellent reason to go to work with a smile