Why you should be using scent in retail!

Scent Australia

There are many opportunities to use scent to help reach customers and influence their behaviour in unprecedented ways.

Why you should be using scent in retail!

Research has demonstrated that ambient scents increase positive product ratings by 25%. Moreover, customers will linger 40%  longer in scented areas, and scenting can increase purchase intent by 80%.

There are several potential benefits to be gained by developing a scenting strategy for your retail environment, including:

  • Evoking pleasing emotions and memory to give customers a warm welcome
  • Increasing footfall and dwell time in a specific area or department
  • Promoting a scented product within an area or throughout a store
  • Eliminating bad odours in a store
  • Enhancing a holiday feel with familiar scents - Christmas time
  • Reinforcing a brand's image with a branded scent

Scent Australia offer diffusers using nebulization that can uniformly diffuse scent and provide consistency over the full life of a scent cartridge. The scent distributed is a millionth the weight of a typical aerosol drop and 1/100th the size in diameter. These systems allow for consistent, predictable and lasting distribution around the retail environment. Units can be wall-mounted or connected to HVAC systems. The scenting systems can also be customized to fit any environment.