3 proven strategies to increase foot traffic

With online competition growing, foot traffic is a key factor for any successful brick-and-mortar retail store. Increasing foot traffic to your physical store is most likely to be a huge part of your planning strategy.

Here are 3 easy-to-nail strategies to help you increase foot traffic in your store:

3 proven strategies to increase foot traffic

credit: Probuild

Hold multiple events during the year

Holding an event is a great idea to get people excited. Whether it is a special sale, a winter arrival or free complimentary consultation there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Up to you to advertise this event and share it on your social media to spread the word.

Depending on your availability and resources, you could organise a recurring event at your store such as a class or a seminar. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, free classes draw the crowds, and will give you a reputation as friendly and inviting.


Increase traffic from your existing customers

Just turn on your radio and you’ll find plenty of examples of why you should never take someone for granted.

Pamper your good ol’ loyal customers and show them how important they are for you. No matter the size of your store, some sort of loyalty reward program is imperative to show your customers that you value their business.

Send out an email or e-newsletter to your contact database and post it on social media. You might even host a secret sale first for a hand-selected group of customers.

 If you haven’t done so yet, invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) system so you can communicate with shoppers more effectively. For example, if you’re having a promotion for a particular brand, you can see who has shopped that brand in the past and notify them.


Diffuse your own Signature Scent

Retailers need to tap into experience. According to Forbes more than 3 out of 4 millennials said they would rather spend money on an experience than buying something desirable.

Stand out from the crowd with your own scent to bring people in with a pleasant scent. Potential customers walking by will be enticed by the scent and will come in at first by curiosity. Then, feeling comfortable, chances are they will stick around and will be more incline to notice this top craving for attention.

A Samsung study showed shoppers underestimated actual shopping time by 26 percent and visited three times more sections when exposed to aromas.

Companies specialising in Ambient Scenting like Scent Australia can design a Signature Scent that is both pleasant and congruent with your store and brand identity. The scent will be diffused using latest technology to ensure that it is subtle and complements perfectly your store atmosphere. Country Road for example manages this perfectly with their Signature Scent diffused around Australia and South Africa.