5 ways to create exceptional guest experience

Follow these tips and it could make a difference in the online review guests give to your hotel!


5 ways to create exceptional guest experience

1 Make them feel special

To deliver a memorable experience one of the most important influences on guest impressions besides the property itself is the host. Personal touches stand out and everyone like to feel unique. Furthermore when you have the impression to create a relationship with a place it makes a difference. A friendly environment makes guest feel good. You may not be able to greet everyone in-person and see that they settle in. However, you can welcome each guest with a handwritten note and attach all of the important information that they may need for their stay, such as contact numbers, WiFi passwords and other tips. Find your own personal signature to welcome guests, and they will remember it.


2 Add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’

Sounds cliché right? But little gifts always win your heart. Chocolate on the top of your pillow, scented hand wash in the bathroom or something more original like Four Seasons Resort in Arizona a constellation chart.  Don’t underestimate the impact that even these little touches have.


3 Do not neglect your last impression

We all know that first impression matters but the last impression is too often neglected. Connect with local businesses to create partnership opportunities of local produce. For historic hotels, how about a bookmark, luggage tag or business card holder in leather, stamped with the hotel crest? Consider how lasting the brand recall would be with that. If your hotel has a signature scent, capture it in a custom-made room spray bottle for a beautiful gift. Finally every manager should be collecting information and feedback about the guest so that he can make his next visit even better.


4. Keep guests posted with quick replies on Social Media

More and more people are making online research before even booking a hotel. During these frenetic researches most of the guests will have questions and this is a great opportunity for you. Give them the answer before they find another hotel that does. Keep an eye on your social media so you’ll get notifications when someone has a question or left you a review you might need to respond to answer every questions quickly and effectively, just as a concierge, and its’ an easy way to secure their next booking.


5 Immerse your guest in a scented experience.

The role of scent is crucial and the effects of scent are undeniable. A scent positively affects the behaviour and emotion of consumers as well as their perception towards brands and hotel layout. Furthermore scents have been found to have effect on influencing guests perception of their service perceived, as sent have the ability to trigger human being’s emotion and in turn influence their behaviour. The use of scents creates a memorable experience every time even after your guest’s stay is over.  Indeed a research from the Sense of Smell Institute shows that people recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year. Scent Australia offers tailored scent solutions for hotels to connect with their guests on an emotional level.