Novotel Glen Waverley boosts coffee sales with Scent Australia

Novotel Glen Waverley boosts coffee sales with Scent Australia

By using one coffee scent in the morning and one ambient scent in the afternoon Novotel Glen Waverley was able to:

 - Increase breakfast, coffee and pastry sales.
 - Promote relaxation 
 - Complement their look with a luxury scent
 “I would absolutely recommend Scent Australia: their product is specific and unbeatable.” – Emily Traupel Front Office Manager

About Novotel Glen Waverley

Novotel Glen Waverley is a contemporary 4-star hotel known for its comfort and great location. Located 20 minutes’ drive from Melbourne, nestled between the city and the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, the Hotel ensures absolute convenience for business and leisure guests. Sleek design with splashes of colour, natural light and tech features create an elegant and modern touch in its spacious rooms. 


Novotel Glen Waverley wanted to have two different scents: one during the morning in order to push breakfast and coffee sales and one in the afternoon to encourage their guests to relax. ‘We wanted a scent that would be compatible with our environment and adjustable for time frames’ says Emily Traupel, Front office Manager at Novotel Glen Waverley.


Scent Australia Scent Design

 The scent of coffee. Coffee aroma.
For breakfast time Scent Australia has created a very realistic ‘Fresh Coffee’ scent perfect to recreate the beautiful coffee aroma and make guests thirsty for an extra cup. Indeed research shows that a ‘Fresh Coffee’ scent dramatically improves sales. A petrol station with a mini-mart attached to it, pumping around the smell of coffee saw purchases of the drink increase by 300 per cent. 
For the afternoon Scent Australia wanted to complement the luxury atmosphere of the hotel and promote relaxation. Novotel’s Signature Scent is a high-end fragrance with bases notes of amber recognized for its charm and elegance. Hints of vanilla and lavender blends perfectly in this warm elixir to bring relaxation and comfort. 
Both scents are diffused through the air conditioning system to deliver a subtle and homogenous scent. “It’s great that you can customise the scents and diffuse them through the HVAC” says Emily.


As a result guests instantly feel more comfortable and will remember their experience in the hotel for a long time.
‘We really like how we can use two scents in the same machine and not have to touch it’ explains Emily. The diffuser automatically switches from one scent to another in a smooth and efficient manner. Since the scents have been introduced Emily noticed that ‘ the coffee scent increased breakfast, coffee and pastry sales. Everyone smells something slightly different and it stimulates their subconscious.’ 
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