7 reasons why you should start using scent in your club

Are you thinking of improving the ambiance in your club and starting to diffuse a scent but not sure if that will be really effective?

We get is as a manager you want tangible results from day one. When you buy pokies you can directly see its return. You probably think that scent is nice but you don’t really imagine it making your life easier or paying your bills.

7 reasons why you should start using scent in your club

 But have a look at those 7 reasons of why you should definitely give it a go. 

1. You will make your guests feel more comfortable

The appropriate scent has been shown to make guests more comfortable at hotels. This is also true for club, casinos and gaming venues. General well-being improves with scent. 

2. Members will stay longer

Casinos in Las Vegas diffusing scents influenced guests to spend 50% more playing time. 

Relevant more recent studies have also revealed that ambient aromas have a powerful positive impact on the gambler’s behaviour. 

3. Studies show scenting increase gambling revenue

Scenting can increase gaming revenue by as far as 48% studies have shown. There is no magic behind. With a pleasant scent guests feel good they stay longer and thus spend more. 

4. You will create an emotional connection with your members

Research by Nobel Peace Prize winners Richard Axel and Linda Buck prove that our sense of smell is the "most emotional" of our senses. This is because smell is not process by the analytical part of the brain by but the emotional part meaning that immediate feelings are associated with particular scents.

5. Your club will be more memorable

Think of someone you loved. You probably can’t remember small details like how they put their hair or the way they walk but you surely remember their scent. This is because scent is processed through the hippocampus which also monitors our memories. Thus scent will transport guests long after their stays. 

6. Members will repeatedly come back

Scent can boost intent to return. It makes sense, if you have a positive experience somewhere you will naturally be driven back to this same place.

7. No more smoke scents

To enhance the overall member experience it should be primordial to make sure that no unwanted odours such as smoke interfere with your club atmosphere. Just as pleasant scents make people stay longer, bad scents do just the opposite.

Quick Tips

 If you want to start scenting but still don’t know where to start, follow these steps:

 1. Think about the ambiance you would like to achieve and which type of scents would fit your space

 2. Go with a scent marketing professional that will use new technologies ensuring a homogenous result in the club

 3. Ask feedback from your regular members, they know your club and will probably notice the change even if done subtly as we recommend