Driving its way through scent: the automotive industry

Driving its way through scent: the automotive industryTo differentiate themselves from the competition, more and more car dealerships are using a multisensory strategy.

Having more senses involved in the selling process generates a direct impact on sales. If customers have two or three senses challenged, it increases their experience in any business. After sight, smell is the second most important sense when it comes to increase customer loyalty. This is explained by the fact that smell is linked to the memory part of the brain, unlike sound which is linked to logic. To create a complete customer experience and to make them want to stay longer in a car showroom, visual should not be the only sense considered by managers.

In the automotive industry, the sense of scent is all the more important as it can be used in the car dealership itself but also inside the cars. By using scent in your auto dealership business you create a pleasurable and calming atmosphere for your potential customers assisting them to make an instinctive purchasing decision.

Inside cars, leathers scents display an idea of luxury, quality and well-being for the customer.  By association the customer will have a higher opinion of himself and the scent will bring an idea of class, elegance and a touch of chic! 

Scent marketing in the automotive industry

A scent of outdoors will give an impression of fresh air. Pictures of beautiful roads without an end will be associated in the customer’s mind. And most importantly with this, the concept of freedom!

Scent marketing for car dealerships, auto repairers, mechanics, ... 

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