Commercial Scents: How to Use Ambient Scenting

One of the most important elements to business success is to make your venue pristine and pleasurable. There are several ways to do it, one of which is ambient scenting. Malodours can repel customers away from your business and can give you a bad name.

In this article, we shall help you understand the benefits of keeping your business smelling pleasant. If you truly have great business acumen, you’ll quickly realise that ambient scenting is an investment rather than an expense.

Without spending a great fortune, you can please your customers and get them to shop from you. Here are some benefits that nice smelling business venue can offer:

Affect and influence shopper’s decision

Think for yourself, how long can you stay at a stinky place by choice? 

Just like bad smells can influence you to leave a place ASAP, great smells can compel people to stay. By making the place ambient, you can make people stay longer at your business venue. This means that they have a higher possibility to spend more time at your place and thus giving you more profits.

Consumers are plagued with oversaturation of visual content. By adapting your marketing strategy to include scent, you can improve your ROI. (

You just need to match the fragrance to your business. For instance, Lavender and Vanilla leaves a soothing impact, and smells like peppermint and grapefruit can leave you energised. Depending upon your requirements, choose something that sits well with the business.

Turn your business into a brand

Brands know the power of ambient scenting and use it well to attract customers and make them loyal. Think Starbucks, for instance. All of the shops usually smell the same and customers visit there to enjoy a uniform experience. 

There’s a reason why people pay three to four times the price for a coffee that they can get cheaper somewhere else. With the help of the right scent, you can turn your business into a brand. 

Make new customers

Your business needs to impress a potential customer right from the moment they step into your premises. By treating the air indoors, you can show potential clients that your business is worth it. 

People perceive and formulate impressions about a business within a few seconds. Make sure you enhance their experience and make them biased towards you by giving the right pleasure to their noses.

Customers stay longer

This one can’t be emphasised enough; your goal is to keep the customers at the store for the longest time possible. The longer they are there, the higher their chances of making a purchase at your store. 

By ambient scenting the indoors, you make things comfortable for them. And who doesn’t wish to stay longer at places that feel homely?

Customers return 

Pleasant places are hard to find. Once you manage to strike the positive image in the minds of your customers, it’ll make them keep coming back to you to recreate the experience. 

Pleasant smells release dopamine in the brain. Our brains are searching for options that can make us feel happy, and dopamine plays a role in keeping us happy. Use neuroscience to your advantage and grow the business.

Improves employee productivity

This one is an essential point to consider; employees love to work at places that are pleasant. If your place smells like filth and sweat, there’s a high chance that your workers will leave you fast for better opportunities.

By keeping the place smelling nice and fresh, you create a pleasant and workable atmosphere for your employees. This will make them work efficiently and have an overall satisfactory experience.

A word of warning

All of the above advantages are too great to be ignored. But before you get tempted to use the next home scent that you find to treat the air at your business premises, know that not all scents are safe for us. 

Bad quality scents can be harmful to health, and while you may use cheap scents to attract customers, you’ll soon be causing serious damage to their health. Not only that, but you also risk the health of your employees as well. 

If you want to scent your stores and indoors the right way, only choose the highest quality scents. The cost might be a little more, but the benefits shall cover it all for you soon.

Final Words

Ambient scenting brings a lot of benefits to the business. In fact, there’s scientific backing to it. But you need to select the right scent in order to get the benefits. If you are struggling with finding the right scent for the business, then contact us right away.

We’ll help you select the best option that can help your business flourish and make more profits. You can avail of our free consultation services at any time that you like. Plus, with us, you have the freedom to make your own pricing plans.

You can choose to purchase the diffuser or even rent it for as long as you like

Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits of ambient scenting. Let our scents be the secret ingredient that takes your business to new heights!