Competing with the scent of effort – Gyms and Scent Australia

Competing with the scent of effort – Gyms and Scent Australia

We all love to feel that we really kicked it at the gym but to smell it is not so glamorous!

This is why many gyms around the world are using scent marketing to neutralize bad odors and display a fresh and energetic scent.

For example, Scent Australia has been working with many famous gyms including Anytime Fitness which owns 411 clubs in Australia.

Scent impacts in a positive way your gym work out!

Dr Alan Hirsch from the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation identifies another potential benefit of using scent marketing in a gym. Citrus, mint and eucalyptus all stimulate the trigeminal nerve, which in turn wakes up the reticular activating system, which contributes to feelings of alertness. “The idea is that just breathing in the air at your gym could help you work out harder and more effectively,” he says.

Displaying a scent in a gym does not only makes the air smells nice. It has positive effects on the gym members and help them to exercise in the best conditions. Scent energizes you to work out harder!

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