How to easily increase gaming revenue

In order to differentiate yourself from the competition, it is important as a club or casino to offer the best experience to your guests. Having new games, making sure that your guests are comfortable or improving your loyalty programs are part of the strategies that you can work on to ensure guest satisfaction. Happy customers spend more time in your venues and thus spend more.

How to easily increase gaming revenue with scent

Credit: Aspers Casino

The most powerful tool to directly increase your gaming revenue is to diffuse scent in your club.


Benefits for gaming

• Experiments showed gambling revenue increased by 48% with the introduction of certain aromas

• Creates an emotional connection with your guests as 75% of our emotions are generated by scent
• Higher customer retention rates and customer satisfaction increased 
• Customer Loyalty through a better customer experience
• Studies have shown that scent can help casinos to increase their revenues by up to 53%.

Solution for Gaming

• Fragrances Specially Targeted to gaming customers
• Cold-air technology to deliver evenly scent throughout a room
• Diffusers going to the air conditioning system for larger spaces


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