King Living Signature Scent: a new jewel in the crown

A lifetime of comfort, a reputation built on steel. King Living delivers true differentiation with features that are unique, this is why King Living Signature Scent reinforces this singular brand identity.

King Living Signature Scent: a new jewel in the crown

Scent Australia recently created a luxurious Signature Scent to enhance King Living’s identity. This scent is currently being diffused in all King Living stores to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for King Living’s customers while sublimating the premium furniture displayed in the stores.

King Living’s commitment to handcrafted quality and design excellence has remained unchanged for more than 35 years. With finishes available in a wide range of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers that reflect both the latest international trends and the best of tradition, King Living’s designers work to the highest standards to create interior solutions for every lifestyle.

King Living Signature Scent is a beautiful blend of fresh mandarin and juicy watermelon complemented by soft jasmine and ending with noble sandalwood to offer a fragrance that will express King Living essence. Sandalwood is one of the world’s most valuable tropical hardwoods, considered as precious as gold and pearls which reminds of King Living commitment to uniqueness and excellence.

Diffusing a scent in a furniture store improves customers perception of quality and encourages dwell time. The right scent will make people feel comfortable and at home which will help them picture this particular sofa in their living room.


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