How to improve customers’ loyalty

Customers’ loyalty is a very important component of any business. Returning customers will be of great value not only because they regularly purchase your goods but also because they are more likely to recommend your store to their friends which will become regular customers themselves.

How to improve customers’ loyalty using scent

Store loyalty for retailers has impacts in both the relational and the financial area.

Relational because having a loyal customer will allow you:

- To learn more about his purchasing habits so that you can see how effective your new campaigns are.

- It will also allow you to extend your customers by positive referral from your loyal customer and this is really valuable when you know that word of mouth accounts for about 20 percent of consumer sales.

- Finally a customer coming to you is not going to your competitor and that’s always good to take!

But also Financial advantages because:

- Customers will be willing to pay more for items that they already like and they will be more likely to spend more money in the same store

- Having loyal customers will improve the business profitability as reoccurring revenues assure a financial

- It enables you to charge higher price that competitors as people will already be inclined to purchase in your particular store

To increase your brand loyalty scent marketing is your best ally.


As customers have a better in store experience when a pleasant fragrance is diffused it will encourage customers to come back to the store and thus create a loyalty feeling.

Because we all want to reiterate an experience we enjoyed!

Feeling comfortable, customers will enjoy coming to your store and spend time there by themselves or with their family and friend.

Scent is closer to emotions and memories than any other senses so scent can create long-lasting memories as they trigger greater activity in the limbic system. Stimulating the sense of smell can stir up an emotional response that will strengthen the bond of brand loyalty.