Top 7 Companies to follow on LinkedIn in 2017

Although LinkedIn is being actively used by job seekers or for networking opportunities it is also an indispensable tool for companies to deliver useful and educated content for businesses. Engaging with your audience through valuable content posts is a key element of any successful brand communication strategy. Promotional content should be avoided to offer more industry-related information in a continuous brain-storming place of ideas.

Some companies in particular coming from different industries constantly generate quality content that will appeal to everyone. Along outstanding LinkedIn pages from well-known giants this top also displays some small companies with great ideas. Find out which one you should absolutely be following in 2017.

1. L'Oreal

No need to presend this beauty industry giant. On their LinkedIn page l'Oreal share insights on what makes it so successful and we just can't miss advices shared by this world company.


2. Forbes

Forbes updates constantly its LinkedIn with a focus on news and information about business and entrepreneurship.



3. Hubspot

Hubspot is a global inbound sales and marketing platform. They post great advices on sales and marketing strategies and keep you updated with any latest trends in this area.


4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite lets you know everything you need to know about social media.  If you’re a marketer of any kind, this is your place!


5. Techworld

On their LinkedIn page Techworld shares interesting content about new technologies on subjects as diverse as drones, biometrics or tech unicorns.


6. Intercontinental

Intercontinental offers nourished content about the hospitality sector and business matters in general. Their content strategy is a great mix of information about their company, general news and beautiful pictures that will make us dream of holidays!

Intercontinental Hotels

7. Scent Australia

2017 will be focused on customers experience. Scent Australia knows this and educates companies on how to deliver great experiences through scent. A lot of new content is generated on their LinkedIn page and you'll be sure to find informative and engaging content that help you achieve your company goals.

Scent Australia